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Figidini Wood Fire Eatery Review December 12, 2013

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figidiniWe went to Figidini Wood Fire Eatery the beginning of September and the weather was pleasant enough to be able to sit at one of the small tales outside on the sidewalk. This was great as it was not as tight and hot like inside the restaurant.

Let me start by saying that Figidini is great at pizza and at seafood dishes. Those are the ones that were delicious. Any of the other dishes we had were lacking. But more on both of that in a moment as I go into some detail.

The service was nice. Our waitress was prompt and sweet. Even though it was a busy Friday night she took the time to make sure we didn’t have any questions on any of the menu items and once our food arrived that it was to our liking and that we did not need anything. Which sometimes on a busy night in a restaurant is a hard thing to come by.

We ordered a few different small plates and a pizza for myself and my fiancee to share as we wanted to experience as many things off the menu that we could on this visit. First we ordered the ‘Speck’ which is smoked prosciutto and pickled vegetables. The proscuitto was good but of a lower end quality. The pickled vegetables for whatever reason did not taste well when eaten with the proscuitto but were delicious on their own. I just wish there had been more of them on that plate.

Next we had what they call the ‘Combo’ whcih is lamb and sausage with local herbs. Both the lamb and the sausage were cooked perfectly both were lacking in flavor.

My personal favorite dish that we had was the ‘RI Calamari’. This was a different take on the traditional calamari. First off they cooked the calamari in the wood fire item. Let me just say that the smoky woody scent and taste of being cooked in a wood fire item lends itself beautifully to calamari. It was cooked perfectly and was tender. It was served with chili pepper and chives. This dish worked on so many levels and I wish I had a wood fire oven at my apartment so I could make this dish to devour at least once a week. (Yes it was that good).

Finally we ordered the ‘Cremini’ pizza. This pizza has smoked mozzarella, truffle oil, cured olives local chives and delicious mushrooms. Thesse pizza are individual sized and if you were with someone else and were only ordering pizza you would each want to order one. This particular pizza had a crispy crust with just the right amount of sauce to toppings ratio. It was one of the better pizza I have had in a long time.

Here’s the restaurant’s info:

67 Washington Street

Providence, RI 02903


DownCity Restaurant August 8, 2011

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So I heard that DownCity Restaurant had updated their menu and were now offering $3 drafts and $3 appetizers each weekday, so I had to go check it out. I brought my fiancee and one of my good friends with me a little bit after 3pm on a Friday. We sat at the bar and I was excited to try a few appetizers. Boy was I in for disappointment. My fiancee and I ordered the ‘Spicy Salty Calamari’, the ‘Lobster Sliders’ and the ‘Lime Chili Chicken Wings’ to share.

Let me start with the calamari first. I have ordered calamari at many different restaurants as it is one of my favorite appetizers and this was by far one of the worst that I have tried. It was not spicy at all, or even salty for that matter. The dipping sauce that was given with it lacked any flavor. The calamari rings were overcooked and were chewy. This was not a great start.

The chicken wings were not any better. The presentation on the plate was very nice, so A for that. The wings themselves were overcooked and extremely crispy on the outside. The lime chile sauce tasted, according to my fiancee, like the sweet and sour sauce you would get at McDonald’s and I had to agree. Usually when you order chicken wings they are good, but not so at DownCity Restaurant.

Finally I tasted the lobster sliders. They were absolutely disgusting. There was hardly any lobster meat, if what was served could even be called lobster meat, first off. They had a weird sweet taste to them and it almost tasted as though the lobster meat was bad. I ate one slider and didn’t eat the rest.

My friend Erin, got the lobster sliders as well and thought the same thing. She also ordered the clam chowder. She told me it was extremely bland tasting, as she dumped a bunch of pepper into the chowder, and had a few spoonfuls and then stopped eating as it just didn’t have the right taste that a chowder should.

All in all it was an extremely disappointing outing. The only good thing was that all these appetizers were only three bucks. If I had paid full price for any of these items I would have been a little bit upset. I do not think I will be venturing back to DownCity Restaurant any time soon. I think that the food they are putting out during this happy hour type special will keep many of people away from coming back to try dinner. I would not recommend giving this establishment your business.

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