Food Blog with delicious recipes and also reviews of Providence, RI restuarants

About Provreviewsandrecipes April 13, 2011

Hello there,

Me CookingMy name is Brian Logan. I am a 28 year old male. I live in Providence, Rhode Island. I am engaged to my favorite person in the world, Birghandi. I have a small dog named Scooby (didn’t pick the name myself but he came with it and I personally think he looks more like Scrappy than Scooby) that I love and spoil.

Two of my favorite things in the world are cooking and eating. I love cooking different foods and trying new recipes. I also enjoy going out to eat at new restaurants. So I thought I would start blogging with restaurant reviews of local restaurants around Providence, RI which is where I live. Since I love cooking I thought I would share the recipes I make with others so they can enjoy them as well.

Contact us at or leave a comment on the blog. I love hearing from people.


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