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Green Juice January 6, 2013

Today I decided to make a Green Juice. I decided to go the non-traditional route on making it. Now the ingredients I put in the juice taste delicious together, but might not be for everyone. The juice has a slight onion taste from the scallions that I added and then has a sweet pineapple finish. Now if you are not a fan of onions, I would omit the scallions.

Green Juice

Here is what I put into the juicer:

3 Large Handfuls of Kale

1/8 of a Cup of Fresh Parsley

1 Cara Cara Navel Orange

1 Cup of Pineapple pieces

3 Stalks of Celery

1 Inch Sliver of Fresh Ginger

Half a Lemon, rind removed

Put all the ingredients in the juicer and voila out comes this delicious juice. I find that by putting the Kale and Parsley in the chute first and then a heavier object like the Navel Orange it helps to make the items move easier through the juicer.

Let me know what your thoughts are about this juice. Would you drink it? Are there any other combinations that you think would be good? Let me know I would love to hear them.


This Morning’s Juice January 5, 2013

As I indicated in my previous post, I recently was the recipient of a Breville Juicer as a present. I am now really getting into making juice each morning. This morning I did a quick inventory of my refrigerator and came up with this juice. I did run into a couple of hiccups along the way though. When I pulled the remaining kale out of the veggies drawer, it ripped and the kale spilled all over the floor. After salvaging what I could, I embarked on my next task. I have never before taken the rind off of a lemon. Well let me just say it was difficult, but I finally managed to remove the rind from half of the lemon. The reason why I was doing this is because I have heard that if you leave the rind on the lemon juice will come out bitter. So after all of this I put all the fruits and vegetables into the juicer and out came this delicious juice. Now there was more juice that came out than what I put into my glass as I was saving some for fiancée to have as well.

blackberry juice


Here is the list of ingredients that I used:

1 Green Apple (I leave the skin on but some people prefer to take off the skin)

3 Large Handfuls of Kale

1 Pint of Blackberries

Half of a Lemon, Rind Removed

1 Inch Sliver of Lemon


Let me know what your thoughts/opinions are. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions about getting the rind off of a lemon with ease?



Juicing (Not the Steroid Kind) January 3, 2013

breville juicerSo I got a Breville Juicer for Christmas. I had been wanting one for quite some time. Now that I have one I love it and can’t imagine why I never bit the bullet and bought one for myself sooner. Now I have had a couple of not so great juicing experiences. Like the time I decided to try and add random vegetables I had in the refrigerator and see how it came out. Let’s just say the combination of celery, baby spinach, half a cucumber and some radishes had a not very pleasant odor and did not taste that great. Since then I have been scouring the web for ideas of different combinations I could potentially combine. Well I have found that adding fruit makes the juice taste delicious. I made apple juice that I found out if you do not want it to turn my brown you add lemon juice to it. Some of the combinations I have tried are two apples, two oranges, three handfuls of kale and four strawberries. That seems to be my go to as that is what I had on hand this week. It does not look that appealing but it tastes delicious. I also did pomegranate, half a cucumber, an orange and kale and that tasted great as well.
Now since I am new to juicing does anyone have any recommendations on what combinations to try that they enjoy? I have heard that adding a tiny bit of ginger and some herbs like mint and basil taste great as well.Also I have seen a few recipes online where the juicer was used to make salsa and some few kinds of soup. Has anyone done this with any success?