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Farmstead Review July 14, 2011

So I had been meaning to go and check out Farmstead ( as they are an artisanal cheese shop, since I love cheese. So I jumped on their website to get their address and I found out that they are now offering lunch Tuesdays-Saturdays. I was more than excited. So I ventured over hoping to find a great sandwich or salad.

When I arrived I looked at the menu and saw a couple of choices of sandwiches that piqued my interest. I was torn between the Corned Beef Tongue sandwich and the Cheesemongers Grilled Cheese. I ended up deciding on the grilled cheese. Now the description of the Cheesemongers Grilled Cheese was listed as ‘A mix of various pasteurized cheeses, Bourbon melted onions’. It came with a small side of what appeared to be homemade potato chips and a few small slices of, what I think, were bread and butter pickles.

I was not happy when I started to eat my sandwich. First off I saw that there was large pieces of salt on the top of the bread on each sandwich half. I’m not sure why they were there but needless to say I tried to brush them all off but of course some still remained stuck. I then opened up one of the half of the sandwiches (which you can see in the picture) and there was not a lot of cheese and barely any onions. That puzzled me as most grilled cheeses tend to have a lot of cheese. I then closed the sandwich and took my first bite. All I could taste was salt, even though I had tried to brush all the salt off the top of the bread. I finished off that first half of the sandwich and there was hardly any taste of onions and the cheese didn’t have a distinct flavor at all. I was extremely disappointed. The second half of the sandwich had more onions on it but I couldn’t taste anything bourbon, or any seasonings really for that matter, about them. I did try the potato chips and those were bland as well. If they were homemade (which I think they were) they need to have more seasoning on them. Finally I tried the pickles. Those were a disappointment as well. They were way to sour. I’m not sure what type of pickles they were supposed to be, but something was off when they were made.

All in all I was extremely disappointed. They do offer outside seating as well as some tables available inside. Soup and salad is also available in addition to the sandwiches. There is a beer and wine menu available for lunch. One last thing to note though, a customer behind me asked if they could make a customized sandwich with some of the ingredients they saw on the board and was told no by the employee at the counter. So I would suggest not taking someone who is picky to get some lunch as they might not be able to find anything.

In the end I would not recommend going to Farmstead for lunch. There are many other and better choices in and around Wayland Square.

Farmstead Lunch on Urbanspoon


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